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Recent Abilify drug reviews

My satisfaction with this drug is 100 out of 100
| :)
age: 69
gender: female
taken: 8 months
satisfaction: 100%
Reason taken

I am taking Wellbutrin., Celexa, and Ritalin. It was only with the addition of Abilify that I began to feel better.

Benefits from Abilify

I now get out of bed ; I can concentrate better, I may even try going outside.

How long drug was taken

8 months

Side effects(if any) experienced

BUT, i can not afford the cost.. Afer eight months of paying $508.00, I only hope I can beg , borrow, steal or scrape together enough for the Christmas Holidays. After that I will not be able to continue with Abilify. I will go back to my recliner and wait.

COST! After eight months of paying $508.00 for thirty pills I only hope I can make it thru December. I'm prepared to beg, borrow, steal or try once again to scrape together enough.

Comments on Abilify

This drug was prescribed to me by my family doctor. I would certainly suggest this drug to a friend or family member if they were in the same scenario or circumstance. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford it.

Review posted—4:26PM | Wed 10 Nov | 2010

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