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My satisfaction with this drug is 100 out of 100
| :)
age: 69
gender: female
taken: 7 years
satisfaction: 100%
Reason taken

I take Seroquel to help me get to and stay asleep w/o nasty side effects (such as feeling like I cannot breathe!). I take only 25-50 mg. now, and it works. Since I am also mildly bipolar, I have discovered Seroquel works as a little cushion with the lithium I take (300 mg/day). What reinforced my belief in the value of Seroquel was the two weeks I went w/o it when it went from $30-$94 at my pharmacy! I said, "No Way!" But I found a way after trying to sleep on Benedryl! I am THANKFUL for Seroquel.

Benefits from Seroquel

I sleep, therefore I do not go crazy.

How long drug was taken

7 years

Side effects(if any) experienced

I have used it so long, I don't remember.

Comments on Seroquel

This drug was prescribed to me by a medical specialist. I would certainly suggest this drug to a friend or family member if they were in the same scenario or circumstance. Can I say this? I went to a special social worker at my hosp. when I ran out, and he gave me the A-Z help papers. I would have to spend a ton to get to the place that Astra Zeneca could give me 3 mos. free. And then what? This great search (1) is worth it, though.

Review posted—5:20PM | Mon 11 Oct | 2010

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