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Sharing your overall experience about Singulair can help other patients enormously. The drug review need not be public and you can make it completely anonymous, it is your choice. If you would like other patients to contact you with a question please indicate it when prompted. Either way we never share your email address with anyone.

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My satisfaction with this drug is 70 out of 100
| :)
age: 74
gender: female
taken: 1 day
satisfaction: 70%
Reason taken

Shortness of breath

Benefits from Singulair

Singulair has definitely helped my shortness of breath. I am able to do alot more physical work. I have more energy. I do not have Asthma, but did smoke for 45 yrs . I quit 10 yrs ago, but not before I developed mild emphysema. My Dr. said I am not getting enough air when I breath in.

How long drug was taken

1 day

Side effects(if any) experienced


Comments on Singulair

This drug was prescribed to me by my family doctor. I would certainly suggest this drug to a friend or family member if they were in the same scenario or circumstance.

Review posted—8:02PM | Sat 12 Jun | 2010

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